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Best things to do in Japan
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Best things to do in Tokyo, Japan | Ryokan Retreat.
Best things to do in Kyoto, Japan.
Best things to do in Japan | Ryokan Retreat.
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What’s a Ryokan?

Ryokan is not just a type of hotel in Japan—it’s a whole vibe!

Imagine stepping into a cozy room with tatami mats underfoot, sliding doors, and relaxing vibes. You kick off your shoes, slip into Yukata (that’s a casual Kimono!), and just soak in the tranquility.

Get a glimpse of what you can experience!

Tea ceremonies, scenic hikes, ancient castles, and delicious sushi – we’ve got a world of activities waiting for you!

  • Savoring Kaiseki Meals
  • Relaxing in Onsen Baths
  • Participating in Tea Ceremonies
  • Enjoying Ikebana (Flower Arranging)
  • Trying Calligraphy
  • Wearing Yukata

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